Best 2024 ᐅ Bhe, Bhi, and Bhu names for girl

Find unique and meaningful Bhe, Bhi, and Bhu names for girl. Check out a curated list of beautiful and culturally rich names for your daughter.

2024 Baby girl names with Bhe, Bhi, and Bhu

A to Z Hindu baby boy names

2024 Bhe se name girl

BheemikaOne who is mighty or powerful
BheeshtaThe most desired or beloved
BheemankitaThe marked one
BheemeshwariThe Goddess Parvati
BheemarupaTaking on a form of immense strength
BheemabalaStrength like that of a mighty force
BheemalokaRealm of strength and power
BheemajyotiRadiant with the strength of Bheema
BheemarakshaProtected by immense strength
BheemashaktiPower like that of the mighty
BheemavilasaPlayful yet strong like a lion
BheemalilaPlayful and strong like the wind
BheemakshiOne with powerful eyes
BheemendriOne who possesses the strength of Indra
BheeshmaniOne who possesses the strength of Bheeshma
BheemasenaOne who possesses the strength of an army
BheemishaOne who possesses immense strength
BheemadhritiOne who holds onto strength steadfastly
BheemajayaOne who achieves victory through strength
BheemanjaliOffering salutations to the mighty
BheemadhyaOf immense strength in the middle
BheemadhatriNurturer of strength and courage
BheemalLike the Goddess Bhairavi
BheeshmatiLike Bheeshma
BheeshmavatiLike Bheeshma
BheemavidyaKnowledge of strength
BheemavashaIn control of immense strength
BheemamritaImmortal strength
BheemamukhiHaving a face that exudes strength
BheemamayaFull of strength and power

2024 Baby girl names with Bhe

BheemavahiniFlowing with the strength of a river
BheemasutaDaughter of strength
BheeshmaDaughter of King Shantanu and Ganga
BheemayoniBorn of strength and power
BheeshmajaBorn of strength
BheemabhagaBlessed with immense fortune and strength
BheemapriyaBeloved for her strength and courage
BheemasundariBeautiful and strong like the sun
BheemalabhaAttainment of great strength and success
BheemalikaA woman with the strength of a line or lineage
BheemasriA woman with the splendor and strength of Bheeshma
BheemalakshiA woman with powerful eyes
BheemanginiA woman with a strong and sturdy form
BheemalathaA woman with a strong and resilient nature
BheemangiA woman with a strong and powerful body
BheemavaniA woman with a powerful voice
BheemodharaA woman with a powerful heart
BheemodariA woman with a powerful abdomen or womb
BheemavalliA woman who embodies the strength of the creeper
BheeshmaganaA woman blessed with the strength of Bheeshma
BheemanganaA woman blessed with immense strength and beauty
BheemakantaA woman beloved for her strength
BheemadharaA woman bearing the weight of enormous strength
BheemavaraA woman as strong as a fortress
BheemarathiA woman as strong as a chariot
BheemrathiA woman as powerful as a chariot
BheembatiA shining light of immense strength
BheemavathiA river known for its powerful currents
BheemavatiA river in India known for its powerful flow
BheemaratnaA gem of immense strength

2024 Baby girl names starting with Bhi in Sanskrit

BhilikaOne who belongs to the Bhil tribe
BhishaniTerrifying or fearsome
BhilmaStrong and sturdy
BhimabalaStrength like that of a mighty force
BhilnaShy or modest
BhilaniShy or modest
BhimasriRadiant with the strength of Bhima
BhishagjaPhysician or healer
BhikshitaOne who lives by begging or almsgiving
BhikshamataMotherly figure who provides sustenance
BhilavaniMelodious voice of the Bhil tribe
BhishmikaLike Bhishma
BhishmatiLike Bhishma
BhimavaraLike a fortress
BhavyataGrandeur or dignity
BhavaniGoddess Parvati
BhimadeviGoddess Durga
BhishanikaFrightening or terrifying
BhagyashreeFortunate and auspicious
BhimaFormidable and strong
BhilasaDesire or longing
BhimajaDaughter of Bhima
BhikshanaBegging or seeking alms
BhilangiBeautiful like a creeper
BhimasundariBeautiful and formidable like the sun
BhagirathiAnother name for the river Ganga
BhimabaiA woman with the strength of Bhima
BhimangiA woman with a strong and powerful body

2024 Bhu names for girl

BhuvanavandyaWorshiped by the Earth
BhuvanavanditaWorshiped by the Earth
BhuvanaradhanaWorship of the Earth
BhuvanakarmaWork of the Earth
BhuvanakshemaWelfare of the Earth
BhuvanalakshmiWealth of the Earth
BhuvanakshiyaVisionary of the Earth
BhuvanavijayaVictory of the Earth
BhuvanajayaVictorious like the Earth
BhuvanadhaminiUpholder of the Earth
BhuvanadariniUpholder of the Earth
BhuvanaikaUnique in the World
BhuvanadvijaTwice born from the Earth
BhuvananidhiTreasure of the Earth
BhuvanakoshaTreasure chest of the Earth
BhuvanagaminiTraveler of the Earth
BhuvanakalaTime of the Earth
BhuvitamaThe dearest to the Earth
BhuvanamandiraTemple of the Earth
BhuvanaguruTeacher of the Earth
BhuvanacharyaTeacher of the Earth
BhuvanadhariniSustainer of the Earth
BhuvaneshvariSupreme ruler of the Earth
BhuvandharaSupporter of the Earth
BhuvanadharaSupporter of the Earth
BhuvanabalaStrength of the Earth
BhuvanakathaStory of the Earth
BhuvanataraStar of the Earth
BhuvanashriyaSplendor of the Earth

2024 Bhu se girl name list

BhuvanavaniSound of the Earth
BhuvanatmikaSoul of the Earth
BhuvanagitaSong of the Earth
BhuvanabhaginiSister of the Earth
BhuvanashrayaShelter of the Earth
BhuvanachayaShelter of the Earth
BhuvanendriyaSense organ of the Earth
BhuvitranSavior of the Earth
BhuminSacred to the Earth
BhuvanishaRuler of the World
BhuviniRuler of the Earth
BhuvanditaRevered by the Earth
BhuvanaradhyaRevered by the Earth
BhuvanamahitaRevered by the Earth
BhuvanagaruRespectable like the Earth
BhuvanahariniRemover of Earthly troubles
BhuvanasmritaRemembered by the Earth
BhuvinaRelated to the Earth
BhuvanavarshaRainfall of the Earth
BhuvanaprabhaRadiance of the Earth
BhuvanakantiRadiance of the Earth
BhuvanabhaRadiance of the Earth
BhuvanarthaPurpose of the Earth
BhuvithikaProtector of the World
BhuvitharaProtector of the World
BhuvanapaliniProtector of the World
BhuvitikaProtector of the Earth
BhuvithriProtector of the Earth
BhuvinahProtector of the Earth
BhuvanapalaProtector of the Earth

2024 Name start with Bhu for baby girl

BhuvanavishnuPreserver of the Earth
BhuvanastutiPraise of the Earth
BhuvanashaktiPower of the Earth
BhuvilasaPlayful like the Earth
BhuvanavilasiniPlayful like the Earth
BhuvanagandhiPerfume of the Earth
BhuvanapathaPathway of the Earth
BhuvanapadaviPathway of the Earth
BhuvanithaOwner of the Earth
BhuvanatilakaOrnament of the Earth
BhuvanabharanaOrnament of the Earth
BhuvanabhavaOrigin of the Earth
BhuvitriOne who takes care of the Earth
BhuvadhaOne who gives birth to the Earth
BhuvanjaliOffering to the Earth
BhuvandanaOffering to the Earth
BhuvanapushpanjaliOffering of Flowers to the Earth
BhuvanavaridhiOcean of the Earth
BhuvanaposhiniNourisher of the Earth
BhuvanadhatriNourisher of the Earth
BhuvanabhartiNourisher of the Earth
BhuvanarajaniNight of the Earth
BhuvanajalaNet of the Earth
BhuvanacaraMovement of the Earth
BhuvanagiriMountain of the Earth
BhuvanachalaMountain of the Earth
BhuvanamataMother Earth
BhuvanachandraMoon of the Earth
BhuvanapunyaMerit of the Earth
BhuvanaraginiMelody of the Earth

2024 Names with Bhu for girl

BhuvanavathiMaster of the Earth
BhuvanavyaktaManifestation of the Earth
BhuvanakrutiManifestation of the Earth
BhuvanakanyaMaiden of the Earth
BhuvikamiLover of the Earth
BhuvanapriyaLoved by the Earth
BhuvanapremaLove for the Earth
BhuvanakamalaLotus of the Earth
BhuvaneshwaraLord of the Earth
BhuvaneshaLord of the Earth
BhuvanadhishLord of the Earth
BhuvanajyotsnaLight of the Earth
BhuvanajyothiLight of the Earth
BhuvanvitaLife of the Earth
BhuvanamuktiLiberation of the Earth
BhuvanayitaLeader of the Earth
BhuvanabhumiLand of the Earth
BhuvanadeepikaLamp of the Earth
BhuvanavidyaKnowledge of the Earth
BhuvanajnanaKnowledge of the Earth
BhuvanendraKing of the Earth
BhuvananandaJoy of the Earth
BhuvanaratnaJewel of the Earth
BhuvanavasiniInhabitant of the Earth
BhuvanakalpanaImagination of the Earth
BhuvanachitraImage of the Earth
BhuvanavikramaHeroism of the Earth
BhuvanaaHeaven and earth combined
BhuvanahradaHeart of the Earth

2024 Baby girl names starting with Bhu in Hindu

BhuvanahastaHand of the Earth
BhuvanithiGrace of the Earth
BhuvaneshwariGoddess of the World
BhuvaneswariGoddess of the Universe
BhuvnithaGoddess of the Earth
BhuvaniGoddess of the Earth
BhuvanashwariGoddess of the Earth
BhuvanashriGlory of the Earth
BhuvanagauriGauri of the Earth
BhuvanavallariGarland of the Earth
BhuvanamanjariGarland of the Earth
BhuvanagangaGanga of the Earth
BhuvithraFull of the Earth
BhuvanamitraFriend of the Earth
BhuvanagandhaFragrance of the Earth
BhuvanadurgaFortress of the Earth
BhuvanapushpaFlower of the Earth
BhuvanayashasFame of the Earth
BhuvanakirtiFame of the Earth
BhuvanavilochanaEyes like the Earth
BhuvananayanaEyes like the Earth
BhuvanakshiEyes like the Earth
BhuvanayanaEyes as beautiful as the Earth
BhuvanavikasaExpansion of the Earth
BhuvanarasaEssence of the Earth
BhuvanakalikaEssence of the Earth
BhuvanamukhiEntrance to the Earth
BhuvithaEnriched with the World
BhuvanavatiEndowed with the Earth

2024 Bhu word name for girl

BhuvanmohiniEnchantress of the World
BhuvanamohiniEnchantress of the Earth
BhuvanamohanaEnchantment of the Earth
BhuvanakalpaEmbodiment of the Earth’s desires
BhuvanarupaEmbodiment of the Earth
BhuvanamurtiEmbodiment of the Earth
BhuvanadhwaniEcho of the Earth
BhuvanakusumaEarthly Blossom
BhuvanabhavanaDwelling of the Earth
BhuvanadharmaDuty towards the Earth
BhuvanakaminiDesire of the Earth
BhuvanshiDescendant of the Earth
BhuvanavilasaDelight of the Earth
BhuvanaradhaDelight of the Earth
BhuvanapriyataDearest to the Earth
BhuvanagirijaDaughter of the mountain
BhuvithiraDaughter of the Earth
BhuvapriyaDarling of the Earth
BhuvanapriyankaDarling of the Earth
BhuvanavalliCreeper of the Earth
BhuvanakariniCreator of the Earth
BhuvanakaraCreator of the Earth
BhuvanamayaConsisting of the Earth
BhuvanajitaConqueror of the Earth
BhuvanachintaConcern for the Earth
BhuvanadakshiniCompassionate like the Earth
BhuvanavarniColor of the Earth
BhuvanapuraCity of the Earth
A to Z Hindu baby boy names

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