Best 2024 ᐅ Baby boy names starting with J in Marathi

Find traditional and modern Baby boy names starting with J in Marathi. Our list offers a variety of unique and meaningful names for your little one

2024 J baby boy names Marathi


2024 J letter names for boy in Marathi

Name (Marathi)Meaning
JaipreethThe victory of Love;
JyothirThe resplendence of the Sun
JithendriyanThe one who wins over senses
JatasyaThe ocean
JanmeyaThe New Born
JayachandraThe legend
JivandeepThe lamp of life
JayanandThe joy of success;
JalarkThe image of the Sun
JanahviThe flow of river Ganga
JavinSwift; Fast;
JiralSpear warrior
JevikSource of life
JahnuSoul; Life force;
JanuSoul; Life force;
JaglalSon of world
JamSon of the right hand
JanyuhSkilled in war
JigenSharpest sword of world
JanakidasServant of Janki
JethwikSelf Confidence
JhinukSeashell; Oyster
JhinookSea shell; Oyster
JaveshRelated to God
JaykiranRay of victory
JuvasQuickness; Swiftness
JavasQuick; Swift
JibinPure; Free minded
JayneetPure victory
JaivikPure & divine
JasamitProtected by fame
JebinPrayer boy
JaskiritPraises of the Lord
JinanshPortion of God
JoshitPleased; Delighted
JoshithPleased; Delighted
JakariousPeaceful friend
JivanshPart of soul
JusalPari fairy
JujharOne who struggles
JaikritOne who makes victory
JasmerOne who is Famous
JyothirdharOne who holds the flame;
JyotirdharOne who holds the flame;
JagmohanOne who attracts the world
JiyaanNear heart;
JiyanNear heart;
JyanshuName of Lord Hanuman
JineshName of a Jain god;
JasmineName of a flowering plant;
JeyasilanMy life my rule
JhenkarMusical note
JalenduMoon in the water
JayakarMine of Victory
JeevantMedicine; Alive;
JeetMastery; Victory; Success;
JushkLover; Religious;
JyranLost Love
JyoteshLord who gives light;
JayantaLord Vishnu;
JanamejayLord Vishnu;
JoshiLord Vishnu;
JaithraLord Vishnu;
JaitraLord Vishnu;
JwaliaLord Shiva;
JaivardhanLord Shiva;
JadadharLord Shiva;
JogeshLord Shiva;
JogedraLord Shiva;
JaileshLord of water
JaleshLord of water
JairajLord of victory;
JayarajLord of victory;
JayrajLord of victory;
JinadevLord of victory;
JinenLord of victory;
JayendraLord of victory;
JagapathiLord of universe
JagadevLord of the world
JagadhidhLord of the world
JalajThe Moon;
JashpalLord Krishna;
JagathpalCaretaker of the world God
JagatpalCaretaker of the world God

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