Best 2024 ᐅ Marathi names for boys starting with G

Find the perfect Marathi names for boys starting with G for your baby. Check out our list of names with detailed meanings and cultural insights.

2024 Boy names starting with G in Marathi


2024 Marathi boy names starting with G

Name (Marathi)Meaning
GunajOf the light;
GangeyaOf the Ganga
GrahinOf planets;
GadhadharName of Lord Vishnu
GuhanName of Lord Murugan
GuhayaName of Lord Murugan
GulzarilalName of Lord Krishna
GajvadanName of Lord Ganesh
GargName of a saint;
GovardhanName of a mountain in Gokul
GopichandName of a king
GurnamName of a Guru
GirichandraMoon detector
GuganMaster of tribes
Guru GuganMaster of tribes
GururajMaster of teacher
GoswameeMaster of cows
GajpatiMaster of an elephant
GurudevaMaster of all;
GauravanvitMaking you proud
GopalpriyaLover of cowherds
GovindarajLord Vishnu;
GirivardhanLord Vekataswra
GirikLord Shiva;
GagneshLord Shiva;
Gyan KarthikLord Shiva;
GanaLord Shiva;
GirindraLord Shiva;
GorakshLord Shiva;
GananathLord Shiva;
GaureeshLord Shiva;
GaureshLord Shiva;
GaurishLord Shiva;
GangeshLord Shiva;
GangeshaLord Shiva;
GirijapathiLord Shiva;
GirijapatiLord Shiva;
GaurinathLord Shiva;
GreetishLord Shiva;
GurishLord Shiva;
GurumurthyLord Shiva;
GurudevLord Shiva;
GrahishLord of the planets
GanarajLord of the clan
GangadharaLord of river Ganga
GirirajLord of mountain
GianenderLord of knowledge
GyandevLord of knowledge
GandeshaLord of fragrance
GhanendraLord of clouds
GuninaLord of all virtues
GanpatiLord Ganesh
GanendraLord of a troop
GangeyanLord Murugan;
GogulaLord Krishna;
GadinLord Krishna;
GovindaLord Krishna;
GhanshyamLord Krishna;
GirdhariLord Krishna;
GiridharLord Krishna;
GirivarLord Krishna;
GopeshLord Krishna;
GhansyamLord Krishna;
GirinathLord Krishna;
GokulanLord Krishna;
GrahilLord Krishna;
GaurikLord Ganesh;
GanesanLord Ganesh;
GaneshLord Ganesh;
GaneshaLord Ganesh;
GhaneshLord Ganesh;
GaurisutaLord Ganesh;
GajanandLord Ganesh;
GajrupLord Ganesh;
GanapathiLord Ganesh;
GanapatiLord Ganesh;
GanpatLord Ganesh;
GowrakLord Ganesh;
GajanananLord ganapathy
GanadhipLord ganapathy
GauthamLord Buddha;
GowthamLord Buddha;
GautamLord Buddha;
GotamLord Buddha;
GouthamLord Buddha;
GaoushikLord Buddha;
GaousikLord Buddha;
GautomLord Buddha;
GajkaranLike ears of an elephant
GirvanLanguage of God
GirvenLanguage of God
GomantakLand similar to paradise;
GyanadeepLamp of knowledge

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